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Arnhem Land Project – Northern Territory

The Company’s Arnhem Land projects include a total of 1 granted exploration licence (EL26206).  A further 47 exploration licences are currently at the application stage and are either held and managed by Merlin Diamonds or under joint venture agreements with other parties. 

The licences are located on the North Australian Craton (NAC), which is a geologically stable block favourable for kimberlite emplacement.  The NAC hosts the Merlin kimberlite field, the Abner Range kimberlite and breccia pipes, and the Roper River and Timber Creek kimberlites.

The majority of the licence applications fall on land controlled by the Arnhem Land Aboriginal Land Trust.  The Company has farmed out the non-diamond rights for the majority of the licence applications to Top End Minerals Limited (Top End).  Top End is responsible for negotiations with the Northern Land Council and progress of the licences to grant and to obtain early ground access, Top End has submitted Preliminary Exploration Permit applications to the Northern Land Council, which allow activities such as geological mapping, surface sampling and ground geophysics.  These activities will enable Top End to make an early assessment of the prospectivity of some applications and whether to prioritise these for negotiations with the Northern Land Council.

The Company will endeavour to collect diamond exploration samples on any licences available for exploration under a Preliminary Exploration Permit. 

Swancove and Red River Resources Joint Venture agreement – MED earning 80%

The Company has a contractual right to obtain an 80% interest in 2 tenements covering approximately 2,012 km² of land in the prospective western region of Arnhem Land.  The Company’s right to acquire an 80% interest in the two tenements is conditional on the grant of these tenements which are currently at the application stage.  The tenements have not been subjected to modern diamond exploration techniques and represent a highly prospective grassroots opportunity.


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