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Merlin Orbit Exploration – Northern Territory

The Company holds a portfolio of tenements in the region surrounding the Merlin diamond mine that are highly prospective for the discovery of additional kimberlites or alluvial diamond deposits. 

Borroloola Alluvial Project

Ten kilometres south of the township of Borroloola, the Company holds tenements over significant alluvial gravels that are known to host diamonds. 

In 2011 the Company extracted 5,000 tonnes of gravel from five test pits at the Borroloola Alluvial Project. Three thousand tonnes of gravel was processed at the Merlin diamond mine recovering 22 stones with a total weight of 1.09 carats. Thirteen of the recovered stones are white in colour including the largest two at 0.19 and 0.25 carats.

The Borroloola exploration permit EL24512 is granted until August 2017. 

Lancelot Prospect

The Lancelot Prospect is situated some 40 km south of Merlin and comprises an area where there are significant numbers of indicator minerals and diamonds reporting to surface samples. Trench mapping and heavy mineral sampling has led to the identification of alluvial material bearing indicator minerals, derived from the eroding of rocks in the southern part of the license area.  It is possible that one or more kimberlites are located within these areas, which are contributing to the diamonds and indicator minerals found in the alluvial material.  In 2012, the Company excavated fifty eight costeans with a total of 91 samples collected and processed through the Company laboratory in Perth.  A total of 32 samples reported positive with significant numbers of kimberlitic chromites, microdiamonds and macrodiamonds (>0.4mm) recovered.

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