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Merlin Diamonds Ltd is owner of the Merlin diamond mine, in the Northern Territory, Australia. The Merlin Diamond Project comprises the Merlin Diamond Mine operations and the surrounding exploration tenements totalling approximately 2,154 km² which effectively encompasses the known extent of the Merlin kimberlite field.

The Merlin Diamond Project is located some 100 km south of the settlement of Borroloola and comprises 14 kimberlite pipes, grouped into four clusters. Nine of these pipes were subject to open-pit mining over a 5 year period commencing in 1998. The operations ceased in 2003 having produced 507,000 carats of diamonds. During its short operational life, Merlin Diamond Project was renowned for the production of top quality white diamond and large specials, the largest being 104.73 carats. Merlin Diamonds Pty Ltd, formerly North Australian Diamonds, acquired the project from the Rio Tinto group in 2004. In 2012, part of the latest parcel has been sold on international markets generating proceeds of US$1.865 million.

The Merlin Diamond Mine undertook pilot production in 2013. The Company is also pursuing a number of high priority exploration targets within the tenement holding surrounding the Merlin Diamond Project.

In addition to the Merlin Diamond Project, North Australian Diamonds has an extensive 20,804 km2 tenement holding in Arnhem Land. These tenements are considered to have potential for diamonds and other minerals.

The Company continues to hold a 32.3% interest in Top End Minerals Limited, which it successfully spun-out in late 2007.



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